Cape Town, Robben Island

One last post prior to taking off on the Sydney Hobart Race tomorrow.  It has been amazing that everyone in Sydney seems to know about the race and are quite impressed when they find out we are part of it.  The guy at the Microsoft store was really excited to meet someone that was doing it!

One of the sight seeing adventures I did have was a trip to Robben Island, home of Nelson Mandela for the 18 years he was held as a political prisoner.  Javi and I checked it out together.  It was our last fun time other than Crew dinner later that night prior to his returning back to Munich and the birth of his first child. Continue reading

Cape Town Highlights

Going to try a new method today that Doug has taught me.  Everyone seems to really enjoy the pictures so I will try to give you some fun checking them out.  If you mouse over the picture you can read the caption (you might have to click on the first one) or you can click and bring up the picture and then view it like a slide show. Continue reading

Cape Town South Africa Part 1

This is a place I am going to return to.  Watch out March 2017!   Amazing though with work on the boat I did not get to do nearly any sightseeing.  We were 5th to arrive and that was exciting!  It was several days prior to the last boat arriving.

First though have to share special Mother duty partner from  Leg 2.DSCF1235

The Youngest and the Oldest…Alex and Linda Continue reading

A Day in the Life of Linda

Thought for a special treat I would just let you hang out with me for a day.

Up at 5:45 to shower (a good hot one!)!!!, eat breakfast and walk down to boat to prepare to slip lines at 7am to take boat to Sydney City Marine to pull boat for Anti-Fouling and other needed work on deck.

Pass the Sydney Opera House, under the Famous Sydney bridge that one can climb. Continue reading

Birthday in the Southern Ocean

[Here’s another update while Linda is off the grid. Don’t forget to donate!— Doug]

Happy Birthday Linda!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day than in the Roaring Forties, filled with 300 mile days, Dolphins, Albatrosses, and steering the 70-footer to a very impressive 20.6 knots surfing through the Southern Ocean. Way to go! I’m thinking you could do without the wet and cold, though. Continue reading