linda-mcdavittLinda McDavitt sailed around the world as part of the Clipper Race’s ClipperTelemed+ team. The 8-leg race started August 30, 2015 and lasted through summer 2016.

Based in Austin, Texas, Linda is a long-time member of Austin Yacht Club and sails J22, Sunfish and SouthCoast 21 on Lake Travis.

How you can help

I would love for you to support me in my journey by making a donation to one of the following nonprofits. Donations can be made directly to the nonprofit noting that it is in honor of Linda McDavitt’s journey.

My goal is to raise $10 for each of the 40,000 miles sailed, with a target of $400,000.

TEAMAbility – TEAMAbility ensures children in south Texas with severe multiple disabilities have the opportunity to participate actively in life by providing therapeutic educational intervention services. DONATE HERE

AYC Fund – The AYC Fund supports central Texas sailors of all ages by providing grants for sailing education, competitive sailing and instructor development. DONATE HERE

UNICEF –  Unicef is the world’s leading children’s organization, ensuring more children are fed, vaccinated, educated and protected than any other organization. Unicef operates in 190 countries round the world, including every country on the Clipper Race route. DONATE HERE

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  1. Thanks Barbara!!! and thank you for challenging the Mac students! and for your donation to TEAMability. Was there today and they are so excited!

    KSAT will be carrying reports about the race in an endeavor to help them fund raise!


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