Cape Town South Africa Part 1

This is a place I am going to return to.  Watch out March 2017!   Amazing though with work on the boat I did not get to do nearly any sightseeing.  We were 5th to arrive and that was exciting!  It was several days prior to the last boat arriving.

First though have to share special Mother duty partner from  Leg 2.DSCF1235

The Youngest and the Oldest…Alex and Linda


Of course Alex made me peel the onions!

Now to add a bit more celebration on arrival to Cape Town.


Tony is happy that we are finally here!

After the celebration we realized we had not yet had breakfast…after all it is 8:30am so off to get some real food!

Then, the deep clean begins.  Now deep clean is really going into every part of the boat and scrubbing!


One of my jobs was to clean walls and caves (cubbies we can put some of our belongings that we will most likely want to access during the trip.  You are seeing it after I cleaned it.


Yep, me again now in one of the caves cleaning out any water (yes there are some leaks on the boat) bacteria and mold


Yes, this is how some of the bilges look after a few weeks of sailing.


Nick with all the floor boards out of boat being cleaned he just has to get the inside done.


Annie trying to figure where to start!


Just think it could be you doing the fun things!


A moment to just enjoy the nature around us.


A real meal! Really getting to stock up on seafood!


Either it was really good or I was really hungry. What do you think?


Time to celebrate, the work for the day is DONE and after this we go to the crew house!

You can tell that we had a great day that day.  Spirits ran high!

One more highlight to share and then off to bed!


What a treat!

More tomorrow!

Have a great day!


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