Cape Town Highlights

Going to try a new method today that Doug has taught me.  Everyone seems to really enjoy the pictures so I will try to give you some fun checking them out.  If you mouse over the picture you can read the caption (you might have to click on the first one) or you can click and bring up the picture and then view it like a slide show.


Looking at the moon outside the party

They provide an awards and crew party at each stop.  This was a sad and happy one for us.  Sad as we had been shocked to find out that Diane was leaving us but happy that we had the opportunity to have a great time with her in Cape Town.  She stayed at the crew house with us, fixed us a great dinner with Tony’s help at the grill, shared time and energy working with us to adjust and most of all was there for us.  It was a privilege to have sailed with her and I learned a lot from her…..splicing, whipping, riggers responsibilities, you name it she taught it.


My Skipper, Diane and me


Part of our crew house waiting for taxi to take Diane to airport, Nigel, Nick, Chris and Jason.


There she goes, telling us what to do and to remember to CLIP ON! I think Nigel recorded her!

THANK YOU DIANE!  And best wishes on your next journey



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