Race 7 Airlie Beach to Da Nang an Historical and Exciting Adventure

We sailed up the East side of the Philippine Islands on our way to Da Nang with our turning point at the top of Luzon.  I recognized the names of many of the Islands as we went by from hearing exPOWs from WWII talk about their experiences as POWs of the Japanese.  My dad was a POW of the Japanese for 3 1/2 years so this part of the trip was significant to me as I compared the weather we sailed through with the stories I had heard about the Philippines and the “Hellships” voyages to Japan! Continue reading

Race 7, Airlie Beach to Da Nang Vietnam Part 1

Hello all,

You are correct, what am I’m thinking doing race 7 when I haven’t finished Leg 3 or Leg 4.  Well, this race turned out very special for me so wanted to share it now.

And yes, I am delinquent but if you have me on your Facebook you know that during the Da Nang stopover I flew home to attend my Aunt Katie’s memorial service.  Am now at DFW waiting for my flight to go back.  That has been interesting as after I left Da Nang, I discovered my visa was a single entry visa.  The Clipper office has been working since the 20th to get me back into the country.  My approval came in a few hours prior to leaving San Antonio today.  Without it I would still be there.

So, the adventure begins! Continue reading

Leg 3 Cape Town to Albany Australia, Part 1

Crew ready to GO!

Crew ready to GO!

Race start is always interesting as we have a crew briefing where they tell us what to expect as far as weather, wind, the adventure of the sailing and the schedule.  Forecast for start of Leg 3 was prepare for 40 to 50 knot winds!!!  Expect to rock and roll through days of exciting wind and waves and lots of surfing the waves.  This section of the Southern Ocean is the one that will provide you a fantastic and fun Sleigh Ride.  After the mass Crew Brief we had our boat one with new Skipper Matt Mitchell.  He emphasized that we would most likely be in our foulies the whole leg and be ready for cold, rough action.  Be sure that you are double clipped on with your tethers (clip on from life jacket to strap that runs from bow to stern of boat)!  Not a problem for me as Nick A and Tony were already on my case to be safe!!  Cool, we are ready and have only a little trepidation to be doing this with someone we have not sailed with previously.  We believe in the team!! Continue reading

A Day at Airlie Beach

Okay all. I am in Airlie Beach Australia and have been since the morning of the 10th.  So, you ask, why have you not been busy on your blog!

Truth is the first two days we were doing the deep clean on the boat so I was up and down the mast doing the rig check, taping split pins, taking leather chafe off of one spreader to redo as it was becoming unattached when I checked it, taking off the port spinnaker halyard as it was about to explode in more ways than one and then going back up to silicone remaining split pins.

arlie-beach-linda Continue reading

Linda’s Three Charities

Before the sun sets on 2015, consider making a year-end contribution to one of Linda’s charities. Your tax-deductible donation can make a difference for someone in 2016 and beyond.

Here are some suggested donation levels – any amount will help!

$25 – Green Monster Level: $1 for every time Linda and team had to go below to fix the spinnaker during Leg 1’s “Kitemare”

$100 – Albatross Level: $1 per every trip Linda makes up the 95-foot mast during the round-the-world race

$400 – Neptune Level: $0.01 for each of the 40K miles sailed by Linda and Team ClipperTelemed+ Continue reading

How to Watch the Sydney Hobart Race

Merry Christmas! Can’t make it to the Sydney Heads to watch the Sydney Hobart start with the other 600,000 spectators? Watch the Sydney Hobart Race online via Yahoo!7.

Live coverage of the start will be from 7:30pm-9:00pm CT on Christmas Day in the US, with the start at 8:00pm CT (local time in Sydney: 12.30pm AEST livestream begins, 1pm start, Friday December 26, aka Boxing Day). Continue reading