Linda’s Three Charities

Before the sun sets on 2015, consider making a year-end contribution to one of Linda’s charities. Your tax-deductible donation can make a difference for someone in 2016 and beyond.

Here are some suggested donation levels – any amount will help!

$25 – Green Monster Level: $1 for every time Linda and team had to go below to fix the spinnaker during Leg 1’s “Kitemare”

$100 – Albatross Level: $1 per every trip Linda makes up the 95-foot mast during the round-the-world race

$400 – Neptune Level: $0.01 for each of the 40K miles sailed by Linda and Team ClipperTelemed+

Linda’s Charities

TEAMAbilityTEAMAbility ensures children in south Texas with severe multiple disabilities have the opportunity to participate actively in life by providing therapeutic educational intervention services. DONATE HERE

aycfund-515x515AYC Fund – The AYC Fund supports central Texas sailors of all ages by providing grants for sailing education, competitive sailing, and instructor development. DONATE HERE


unicef-banner-514x514UNICEFUnicef is the world’s leading children’s organization, ensuring more children are fed, vaccinated, educated, and protected than any other organization. Unicef operates in 190 countries round the world, including every country on the Clipper Race route. DONATE HERE.





P.S. Linda and Team ClipperTelemed+ arrived safe and sound into Hobart after a crazy four days. The 71st Rolex Sydney-Hobart Race was epic, with a third of the 108 boats retiring due to the 40-knot southerly buster. First place went to Comanche, the US 100-footer steered by Ken Read that limped into the finish despite trashing their centerboard and rudder and briefly retiring. The 12-boat Clipper fleet did just fine, with ClipperTelemed+ finishing 4th in their fleet and 29th overall.

“The people who have done this race 25 times, God bless them, they are the hardest people on Earth or the dumbest people on Earth — probably a combination of the two.” – Ken Read.

Next up, the Clipper fleet departs Hobart on Jan 2, headed north to the Whitsundays, Vietnam, and China.



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