Donate today! The Big Give S.A.

Linda and friend Sarah at TEAMabilityLinda is a hundred miles off the coast of California, headed south to Panama, but her thoughts today are with TEAMability, one of her favorite non-profits. Today, TEAMability is participating in The Big Give S.A., 24-hours of online giving.

Please take 10 minutes to donate today (May 3) to TEAMability and help them reach their goal of $5,000! Continue reading

Linda’s Three Charities

Before the sun sets on 2015, consider making a year-end contribution to one of Linda’s charities. Your tax-deductible donation can make a difference for someone in 2016 and beyond.

Here are some suggested donation levels – any amount will help!

$25 – Green Monster Level: $1 for every time Linda and team had to go below to fix the spinnaker during Leg 1’s “Kitemare”

$100 – Albatross Level: $1 per every trip Linda makes up the 95-foot mast during the round-the-world race

$400 – Neptune Level: $0.01 for each of the 40K miles sailed by Linda and Team ClipperTelemed+ Continue reading

How to Watch the Sydney Hobart Race

Merry Christmas! Can’t make it to the Sydney Heads to watch the Sydney Hobart start with the other 600,000 spectators? Watch the Sydney Hobart Race online via Yahoo!7.

Live coverage of the start will be from 7:30pm-9:00pm CT on Christmas Day in the US, with the start at 8:00pm CT (local time in Sydney: 12.30pm AEST livestream begins, 1pm start, Friday December 26, aka Boxing Day). Continue reading

Birthday in the Southern Ocean

[Here’s another update while Linda is off the grid. Don’t forget to donate!— Doug]

Happy Birthday Linda!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day than in the Roaring Forties, filled with 300 mile days, Dolphins, Albatrosses, and steering the 70-footer to a very impressive 20.6 knots surfing through the Southern Ocean. Way to go! I’m thinking you could do without the wet and cold, though. Continue reading

Day 9: Through the Canaries

It’s Day 9 on the way from London to Rio, with the fleet hugging the African coast for better breeze and current, passing through the Canaries and into the Doldrums.  The teams found some great downwind breeze mid week, with gusts over 40 knots, sustained winds overnight of 30-35 knots and 20 knots boat speed surfing.  This was followed by some light air as teams split the route around the Canaries. The fleet should arrive in Rio in about three weeks, around September 30th.

Here are highlights so far. Follow Linda’s ClipperTelemed+ team on the live Race Viewer and check out the daily team diariesContinue reading

Bon Yoyage! Off to Rio.

[While Linda is off the grid, I’ll be making a few updates. — Doug]

The Clipper Race fleet officially began their 40K mile journey today, with the 12 teams headed to Rio. After the downwind start on the Thames east of London, the teams turned the corner and sailed southwest through the Channel in 12 knots of breeze and flat seas.  The 5,186 mile trip south through the Doldrums to Rio should take around 30 days, putting the fleet into port around September 30. Track the race on the Race Viewer.

And yes, in addition to being an inspiring person, Linda is also a TV star – check out the feature on NBC, also shown on The Today Show (many thanks to NBC’s Jamieson Lesko – @JamiesonNBC).  Continue reading