Bon Yoyage! Off to Rio.

[While Linda is off the grid, I’ll be making a few updates. — Doug]

The Clipper Race fleet officially began their 40K mile journey today, with the 12 teams headed to Rio. After the downwind start on the Thames east of London, the teams turned the corner and sailed southwest through the Channel in 12 knots of breeze and flat seas.  The 5,186 mile trip south through the Doldrums to Rio should take around 30 days, putting the fleet into port around September 30. Track the race on the Race Viewer.

And yes, in addition to being an inspiring person, Linda is also a TV star – check out the feature on NBC, also shown on The Today Show (many thanks to NBC’s Jamieson Lesko – @JamiesonNBC). 

2015-08-30 12.16.15
2015-08-30 12.20.41

2015-08-30 12.21.56

2015-08-30 16.32.24
2015-08-31 16.12.35


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