More of Derry

Meet my other new Irish friend, Irish Paul.  He was on our recruitment sail and we had a great visit and time with me learning about Ireland on the bus ride back to Derry.  He did an interview on the bus and then posted it to Facebook.  Fun guy and one if our big cheerers when we left Derry.  Out of the crowd came a roaring LINDA and I looked and there was Paul!!

Of course, when in Ireland I had to toast my mom who was born on St. Patrick’s day with an Irish Coffee.  Great excuse?

Then there was the interview with Colum for BBC the live interview on the radio while at the docks.  I will be bringing home a CD with the big interview on it that was aired the Sunday we left.  Never a dull moment.

Then there was crew BBQ #1 on the docks.  Han was our master chef!  Great gathering.

Jill, Elaine, Jen, Jo and Sam and of course Tom at the BBQ.


And of course John talking with his Mom? while awaiting for the food to be ready.  Hmmm, now I know what those big sail bags are for.  Easy chair!


A crew dinner here and this became some of the crew’s favorite eating place.

You have to be fast if you eat with our bunch!

Yes, you guessed it, egg on pizza.  I would recommend not to try it that way!  Dessert though was awesome!


This was a meal with Sue and Danny.  Interesting!  Especially trying to figure out how to eat it with manners.  Being on the boat all year has given me some strange table manners I am afraid.  It is like being in “Oliver” or “Annie’s” orphanages when the food comes out.  It just quickly disappears.



And so I will leave you for now with a toast for a great upcoming weekend. Cheers! (Yep, Irish coffee)

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