A Taste Of Derry


The Peace Bridge is a cycle and footbridge across River Foyle that connects Ebrington Square with the rest of the city centre.  It is intended to improve relations between the largely unionist “Waterside” with the largely nationalist “Cityside:” by improving access between these areas , as part of wider regeneration plans. (From Wikipedia)


From the mast, a look at the nearby town area and the line of current coming down the river.

20160712_085707 (2)

Friends from Austin Yacht Club show up.  Sarah and Margaret Faust at play.  I am not sure who is having the most fun.  Eric didn’t fit so he and I took pictures!


Eric demonstrating the small size of coke bottles.

First a brass band and then a community concert band on opening day of festival.  How did I luck into this?


Had a great day with new friends Danny and Sue helping me discover things to enjoy in Derry.

More fun and good food. I wanted to try the rowboats but they said I was too big!

Then there was the July 12th celebration (Orangeman’s Day celebrating the Glorious Revolution of 1688)  with bands marching, bonfires (no they are not as big as Aggie bonfires).  The bands were either percussion and flute/piccolo or percussion and accordion.



No, not an Aggie bonfire but tradition and history reign here.



Well, battery is about gone so I guess  that means me also!  Have a great week, and check out TODAY show on NBC Saturday.  They may be doing something on the race and our arrival in London!

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