A Ride in the Sky

Apparently, sailing around the world – 40,000 miles, 330 days, 14 ports  – wasn’t enough for Linda.

To add some excitement, she just HAD to add a helicopter ride into the mix.

According to Linda’s text message (below) and an update from Clipper HQ, on the last leg of the Clipper Race from Holland to London, Linda took a tumble below decks and hurt her shoulder.

Suspecting the shoulder was dislocated and taking no chances, the Clipper support team had Linda airlifted by helicopter and examined at a shoreside hospital in Colchester.

Thankfully, all turned out well. Linda was discharged from the hospital with a sprained shoulder, and will rejoin the team Saturday morning on London’s River Thames where she will complete the journey with her team.

Next stop after London? Back to Austin – via airplane.

Here is Linda’s sat-phone text:

Had a misadventure on boat this afternoon that ended in a dislocated shoulder. They were not sure if it was dislocated or broken so made me helicopter evac to colchester to hospital. Am fine. Dislocation is back in place. Sling to keep from hurting worse. Am meeting back up with boat in morning to come into london.



Linda going for a ride in the sky. Source: Colin Blears (Legs 5 and 8, Mission Performance)

Source: onEdition

Source: onEdition


Source: Clipper Race

8 thoughts on “A Ride in the Sky

  1. Ouch!!! So sorry to hear of the sprain but glad you are able to sail into London!!! I’m in Texas having a great time! All the best! Safe journey home. Nancy


  2. So glad you will be back with the team for the last day. Hope the pain is not too great. Anxious to see you and hear about your journey.


  3. So fortunate your mishap came now rather than earlier …. That would have been a real bummer. Now you can pretty much just “ride the waves” for a while. So enjoy the trip. Am anxious to visit with you when you get to SA.


  4. So glad all turned out well with your shoulder, Linda! Time to get those sea legs back on land and close this chapter of your life. I still want to see you write a book about this past year … titled Journey of a Lifetime.
    Wishing you smooth sailing and beautiful sunsets,


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