Bad news

OK, computer issues and with one swift move, I just lost the post that I had done.  To explain all.  Charger on Surface with all pics no longer wants to work. Computer is being sent home to get fixed so will greet you in Rio with new adventures.  Until then have fun and remember to donate!!!

TEAMability in San Antonio is working to raise $10 per mile to beat us to RIO.  That means they need your support and help to raise $59,980 to beat us there.  Soooo, go to the donate page and help them out!!!!  Make a difference in a severely disabled child now!

AYC Fund and UNICEF also want your attention!!! So if you are a sailor, head toward AYC FUnd to help promote safe sailing and awesome Youth sailing program!!!

If you care about Children around the world check out UNICEF and make a difference in a child’s young years so that they may have a healthy start physically and mentally in our world today.

Follow us on the TODAY show, NBC this morning, Sunday the 30th.  More will be on their news website tomorrow.

On Facebook, join ClipperTelemed+ friends and family to get daily updates from the boat.

Track the race live at the Race Viewer page.  Check out for daily updates for all the boats.

KSAT news website also has a special section for our team and my fundraising for TEAMability.  They will be following the race carefully.

Just a hint on London time.  Went to National Gallery with Anais and Alistar to see Soundscapes exhibit.  Now have a totally new way to look at art and will be much slower going through art museums in the future.

Saw their play “Woman in Black” with Nick and his wife and sister.  Interesting, mysterious and at moments had the audience screaming.

The rest of time was basically spent on boat getting things in better shape, doing NBC interview, BBC interview, Korean news interview, KSAT interview, etc.  Crazy! And to top it off there were friends and family touring the boat the whole time which was fun, interesting and I am afraid distracting though we enjoyed meeting them all and would not have done it any other way.  So when we are in Seattle and New York, please come visit and see the boat and meet my new friends.

Also one of my crew members introduced me to a new friend of his from training, Drake.  And guess what? He is a round-the-worlder also AND ……an Aggie.  Yes there will be great competition between him, UNICEF boat, and ours.  Go Longhorns!! And true to Aggie form this young man proposed to his girl friend prior to going on trip.  Hmmmmm???

So, before I hit something, let me get this published.

I will get caught up with you in RIO. Until then, safe journeys for you all. Today is the first day of your life so go for it!!!!

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