Tenacious the Ship

Hopefully the internet and I will remain on good terms and I will be able to show you some of our ship.  It is big and comfortable and the food is good.

A few of the amenities aboard:


Yes, a bar with beer, wine, liquor, water, sodas and chips.  Word is that because it is a sign in for what you take, you don’t get your passport returned until your $$$$ record is clear.


One of the library areas. Lots of books around the boat to keep us entertained.


Andy reading about Celestial Navigation.


Salon where we can hang out during free time. Also where they are storing some of the sails to be mended.  They just came around Cape Horn and had a bit of damage.

If you notice the arced wood, that is all put together and laminated.  Tenacious was built upside down and then rolled over in giant hoops like they do submarines.  One of the ladies on the voyage actually spent her off time from her real job volunteering to help build Tenacious.

media area

Media area.  A place to share pictures!

Every morning we have a time called Smoko which is a break where coffee, tea, etc. are served along with cakes, cookies, etc.  ….not everyone having to smoke!!  Think I might gain a bit of weight on this trip.  If I return looking like a little Humpty Dumpty don’t be surprised!



This is Daz (Darren), our medic, purser, man in charge of housekeeping and most important, our passports.  Hmm, do you think I should trust him?


On February 27th, on our walk back to the boat along the seashore, Andy and I had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful rainbow.  Colors were brilliant and the bands so wide.


Then we had a very scary experience.  As we got closer to the first set of jetties where some men where working on columns below the jetty we saw a big flash of fire like you see on top of oil rigs every once in a while and then we heard some horrible screaming.  We saw one man standing by where the flame shot up but did not see anyone else.

Pier accident

Accident was on the 3rd one from the left.

Andy took off running toward the security hut and I grabbed his backpack and followed.  The security guard had been in the hut and not heard the screaming, so Andy explained what happened and as he was finishing I arrived in time to see the security man hand the phone to Andy (call to their 911) and begin running to the scene.  Andy did a great job of explaining to the person on the phone where we were and help began arriving in 5 minutes.  I walked over the next day and found that one man (probably the one standing that we saw) was only singed, but two others were burned quite badly and had been airlifted off the island for medical attention.  Originally we had heard there was only one badly hurt but now we know there were 2.  A very sad moment.  Apparently some corrosion mixed with some methane and when they opened the lid the air set the explosion.

Today, the 28th, was an early morning, 4am to 6am Harbor watch.  Discovered that Chris is very willing and wants to share his knowledge.  Yea I am so looking forward to learning from him.

Around 5am Charlotte who is in our watch and above my bunk came up to us in the chart house.  I thought…hmm she is early.  But no, my phone alarm had come alive and had miraculously gone off waking several people.  The bad news was that my alarm on my phone that did not work in Santiago and was turned off and though it was set to go off every morning at 6am did not go off yesterday.   How did this happen?  So moving quickly downstairs I got to my bunk to turn it off. This ended up in a massive search as I had put it away so that I would not come across it.  While in dire and desperate searching mode it goes off again and I hear the groans as I try to sit on it, whatever to get the sound down to no avail.  Am I the most popular person at breakfast…..?

On a bright note though once back up in the Chart house, at watch change I learned even more from Chris.  He is very anxious to pass on his knowledge and so far it has been a great learning experience.  Looking forward to this!

Entering the chart house.  Some of the equipment that we get to see and work with.



This is how we check the air and water temperature.  The tube on the left provides the air temp and the tube on the right provides the sea water temp.  If they are the same I am told that we should be in a bit of a fog.

The view from the helm!  What I am really looking forward to is hearing the talking compass so Ryan and Naomi can be at the helm.  Ryan has also participated in match racing.


Aaaaagh….which line to pull??

The picture on the left shows more lines and up above two of the liferafts.  There are 4 sets of two on board…two Midships and two aft only to be used if the ship is sinking!  The picture on the right has one of the ribs with their two motors that will be used for going ashore and emergencies if needed.


Main mast, gathering spot for our watch in case of emergency and what……………….more lines to choose from.

BIG Mooring lines and BIG WINCHES.


Looks like one seems to need some tender loving care!  Look past the red to the big pile of lines and you will see the frayed area.  The next day it had been switched out!


And if I am bad, I get to walk the plank!

And of course a bit of nature for you.

Beautiful moon over the shipwrecked Elizabeth.


2 thoughts on “Tenacious the Ship

  1. Sailing in the lap of luxury. Did you get to see much of the Falklands? Looks like a beautiful ship. Stay out of the rigging & have a good sail.


  2. Now…THAT is a beautiful boat…WOW!!
    Get your phone alarm under control, or they may have you walking
    that plank!!


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