Falkland Islands Part 2

If you have been checking the link I provided in the first Falkland post and you have noticed that we are not moving very far, you are correct.

Well, weather really takes a toll here.  Not only was our flight delayed coming in, but the next one from London was also.  Their story is a bit different and sounds like a Texas type issue.  Snow in London is keeping the flight crew from being able to get to the airport they take out of.  Really???  Yep!  Anyway, between the snow and the wind here we are now in a holding pattern waiting for the rest of the crew and the man who can finish fixing our radar unit.  I do agree that we should have the radar working before taking off, so we are all taking advantage of our time here.

When arriving on the boat I was greeted by my watch leader Chris.


He who showed me to my quarters…a real stateroom I feel when I think of my Clipper living area.DSCF5292

The bottom bunk is mine! Along with a bit of space to place my things in.DSCF5295

And I am right across the hall from the head, the loo, the toilet, the restroom or you might call it the Happy Room!


And the !!!!!!!DSCF5296

Can you believe… even with hot water! YEA!

This is our hallway and new friend Lucy is right next door.


A home for foulies and safety clip for my belt.


Steep stairs down to everywhere.DSCF5300

My first day of duty was as messwoman so the following was where I spent my time.DSCF5309

Our domain.  I spent most of my time washing dishes.  Did serve meals and actually cut up an onion!


This is the kingdom of the Chef…. And a place that we are not allowed.  I am sure my good friends are happy to here it is off limits to me.

And below is my favorite messman in our group of 4, Ryan.  He is blind, but he was the one to show me where to put dishes, food, how to serve and all that I needed to know.  You should see him run up the steps also.  Great guy and has been on several voyages.  New friend Andy is over to the left.


All for now as the internet and me have been having some major issues today.  If all does not go forward on the ship and we are still in holding pattern I will try again tomorrow.

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