2017 Orcas Island Adventure

A giant Thank you to Fisher and Pam for sharing their place on Orcas Island for a wonderful time out.

What would you do if you get to wake up to this scene?wake up 2

Due to running short of time you will have to wait until April to find out!! but it was awesome!

Okay, I know it is past April, but here is the rest of my Orcas adventure story!

Meet our morning hello committee…. Ralph and his friends would come by and say HI!

front yard company


View the other way from the house on a foggy day!

view 2a

We spent a day hiking and discovered the perfect time to visit the islands was in September.  Views were spectacular!  Mt. Rainer on a clear day….hum, wasn’t there a song “On a Clear Day”?  Unbelievable!

mt. rainer 3

And then there were more great views of the Islands.orcas hike view

Walking along the lake it was fun to see how many shades of color we could find in the water as well as the different views of streams along the way.


Then a day on a Orca whale watching expedition which included Momma Orca and little one, Bald Eagles and Seals safe on the rocks from the Orcas!

This view you must look closely up on top of the rocks in front of the trees to see the Bald Eagle.

orcas bald eagle 3

A view of what Mother Nature can do with water banging against the rocks over time.


Can you see the mask in this one?

And of course, the day wouldn’t be complete without a little sun reflection on the water.

orcas nature

And then there was the day of wandering and exploring about town and country.

Above is my kind of treehouse!  The one I always wanted to build.

Riding the Ferry Boat was a fun and interesting way to travel.  The guys that work them have it all down to a T…packing the cars on, and unloading at the docks.

And so that ends my time on Orcas Island.  A beautiful, quiet and restful place in the middle of nature.

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