Life After Clipper 2017 Part 3

April 2017 was a fun filled Tahiti trip planned by amazing Emilie and involving two catamarans and about 21 people.  Our boat had something very special…Fran, Mike and Stephen… three generations of a family.  Yes, I was on the calm boat!!


Big dinner time all together with Julian and Emilie our fearless leaders up front!


We went to Bora Bora, Taha’a, Huahuine, Maupiti and Raiatea.  My favorite was Maupiti.


Always lush and colorful vegetation.  Cool things to see and do….rainbows, paddle boarding, fishing (Guys), sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving (for others, not me), sun bathing, reading (I read 3 books) and watching the locals…..


The house built by seashells!


From the top of the mountain on Maupiti.  Below you can see the coral atoll that surrounds it.  Very interesting getting in with the tide and current.IMGP1568

You can see one of our group laboring to pull self up the mountain.   Lots of work but great payoff.  Amazing water color.


Then there is a symbol that many who have been there leave as their signature.  Ourselves included.  We left a blue and white float with all our names/signatures everywhere we went.

Bora Bora had some interesting moments snorkeling.  Yes that is what you think it is, a SHARK!

How would you like to live in one of these huts on Bora Bora with a bit of a nice backdrop?

A WWII cannon was discovered…one of the guarding forces.


Local entertainment was great.

Our own entertainment was also pretty amazing!

And then there was the sailing…the part I loved the most.

And of course one romance began between Brenda (UK) and Mike (Austin)


And no blog of mine would be complete without some nature shots …..

So life in the Islands is pretty cool.

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