Enjoying NYC

leg 7 crew

Our incredible and fun Leg 7 crew

Though we kept the boat in Jersey Shores at Liberty Landing Marina, I believe that everyone spent most of their time in NYC.  I was very fortunate to have been met and adopted by former student Kevin Brubaker, MacArthur Band percussionist.



For those that do not know Kevin, here he is.  The picture was taken in the new station  by the World Trade Center Memorial.  On our way to his place that had a real shower and a great blowup bed!


Craig and Daddy’s biggest helper working with Alex on the winches.

The first two days after we land, we spend cleaning and fixing different issues on the boat.  My list is usually pretty long each time and I tend to spend a couple of extra days when the rest of the crew are off so I can actually get mine done.


Another ex- Mac band student , Jeff Hudgins, awesome sax and all around woodwind and jazz player gets involved with The Amazing 3rd Grade Students of PS 129 in Harlem and Opera on Tap to present La Cenerentola, Gioacchino Rossini’s Cinderella Opera Re-imagined in the Wild Wild West.  Jeff did the arrangement for this production for Banjo/Mandolin, Violin, String Bass and Accordion.  Very well done and once again I am proud of the accomplishments of my students.


The horses and the coach to go to the ball.  Pretty cool horses!


Heather Aussiker, Kevin, Jeff and I checking out the local Mexican restaurant.

Kevin played in BLAST and now designs audio systems for big stores, etc. from his live aboard catamaran currently down in St. Pete.  Heather is a writer and Jeff is a jack of all trades musician.  I know there are more students in NYC but only found one other, Damien Norfleet who was rehearsing for a new show.  Pretty incredible bunch.  The cool thing is seeing what ex students have done with their lives.  I feel like a proud parent.




This is the way to see the NYC area.  Kevin gave me a great tour and very detailed.


And what better way to end a Sunday in Brooklyn than a picnic on the steps with the neighbors.  Cheryl missed being in this picture as she was busy inside.

And of course all good drummers would like to eat at Krupa’s Grocery.  The atmosphere included pictures, suspended cymbal lights and cowbell lights.  What more could one want?  Good food?  Well, they had that too!

Not only did I get to eat there, I also got to experience Ethiopian food, Mediterranean food, bagels and locks with salmon, cream cheese and capers, pizza with anchovies and other delights!


My new great buddy Mr. Toast!


I wonder if Mr. Toast felt like I did after crew member Ryan shaved my head?  Mr. Toast though still looks pretty good!

And of course when in New York one must partake of all the cultural opportunities they can.  Elaine, Han, Alex, Jen and Darren and I all went to see Phantom of the Opera while there.

MCCallum Band allowed me to go see Swan Lake Ballet with them and I met up with Jen and Darren there.  You have to know I was with a band as look, all the dancers are in lines!  And yes, they can rotate them really well.


Had the opportunity to watch Ms. Nelson, Mr. Ehlers and Mr. Rudy rehearse the combined McCallum bands for their Carnegie Hall performance.  It only took me 15 years to hear them play in Carnegie.


Was interviewed by Dylan Dreyer, Today Show meteorologist along with Dana Nichols and Anna from Visit Seattle.  If you were lucky you caught Doug’s posting of it on this blog back in June. 

Sometimes I have to be taking the pictures and just can’t be in them all.


And what would life be like without a concert in Prospect Park by the New York Philharmonic, a grand style picnic and fireworks afterwards.  Is that not too much?


Beautiful skyline


911 Memorial and if you ask me I have a great story about how the names were done.  Thank you Kevin!

Can you believe, green space for kids to play baseball in the middle of downtown!  The yellow ferry we rode from Jersey Shores to Manhattan except when we couldn’t find the correct dock on the Manhattan side and when it didn’t run until 9:15am on the weekend.  Both issues caused me to be late to boat work.  YUK!  But highly imaginative thinking helped me find a way.


To top it all off, an enjoyable concert by the McCallum Band at Carnegie Hall.  Crewmates Jen and Elaine were truly impressed by their performance!

So it goes, an adventure of a lifetime in the Big Apple.  Great fun, great friends.  What more does one need?

5 thoughts on “Enjoying NYC

  1. Linda, your posts always make me smile. Glad to know you. Will be good to have you back at AYC and the stories we are anxious to hear you share.


  2. So glad we got to visit with you and “catch up” on all your adventures. Thanks for coming to our concert! Hope the rest of your sails are safe and filled with great memories.


  3. I agree that there needs to be a book after this journey. TBA is over and Rick and I are in the Metroplex to join the fabulous Hebron staff. We do several days dedicated to the Midwest performance and then start sectionals and marching with the whole gang. You should be sailing into London very soon. Wish I could be there to cheer you in.


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