Panama to NYC Part 2


A moment of peace and gentle beauty


Media man Rich hard at work.  I really think that he is just having fun.


More excitement!  Notice the color of the water after the spray recedes.  Reminds me of ice cubes or really COLD water.  Pretty color though.  If you notice the sail is reefed (made smaller for all you non sailors)

My favorite thing is watching the spray build and the waves grow.  John stands fearless as the tumult grows!

The waves and water build to a frenzy and then it is yet another beautiful day.


The end to a calm and peaceful day.

Lunch and happy hour.  John leading us in a Q&A about UK Sports.  Not fair for us Americans and Canadians.


One of the fun tasks is checking the steering cables and making sure that all is well.



What a beautiful and fun day along with a great ride!!


Yea!! The race is over and we have WON!! and no, we really don’t know where Garmin is.


A lighthouse for my lighthouse friends!


Tidying up deck as we go!


Whoops, somehow Matt has Champagne on board???


Elaine and I celebrating.  Not to worry, we shared the bottle with 15 others!

Managed to finally catch a bird as he caught the fish!!  Poor fish and lucky bird.


And we sailed this close to it!  Imagine being an immigrant and sailing in on a ship.  I felt great pride in America, can you phantom what they might have felt?


Jill, Jen and me ready to land!


Home again!



Entering NYC harbor

Cool picture by the media boat.  The red flying off the bottom of the mainsail is not me trying to go up the main, not a protest flag, but the British flag. On the opposite side of the boat we have a small American flag that allows us to come into the country.


Look out ducks we are coming in!

1st place podium

We did it for real!!  First place finish!



More later for the New York adventures with Kevin Brubaker and friends and ex students.

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