Video: Yesterday on TODAY

Linda got some prime time on Prime Time this weekend on NBC’s TODAY Show.

Best quote from the video:

TODAY: In all honesty, this is a dangerous endeavor. Were there any moments when you were scared?

Linda: My mindset when I got on was ‘If something happens to me, don’t worry. I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Here I am and whatever happens is what happens.’

Check out the video and follow the fleet on the Clipper Race real-time race tracker.

The fleet heads off today on the final leg of the Clipper Race with a start off Ambroise Lighthouse. Only 3100 miles to go! The ETA into Derry-Londonderry in Northern Ireland is July 7-11, and July 30 into London .

TODAY Show: Competitive sailing takes 69-year-old on dangerous journey at sea
Linda McDavitt is on the final leg of a roughly 40,000 nautical mile journey sailing in a clipper ship around the world. Dylan Dreyer met up with the 69-year-old as she talks about her “adventure of a lifetime” dealing with cramped quarters and horrible weather conditions.  -June 18th, 2016 (Run time: 3:04)


8 thoughts on “Video: Yesterday on TODAY

  1. Saw the Today show Sunday and was once again inspired by you Linda!!! Hugs and Hearts! Miriam PS…Write a book!!


  2. That was so fun Linda! I’m glad they continued their coverage of YOU and oh yes the race …… Go Get Em’ on this last leg of the journey!! Warm Wishes! Nancy & Ron


  3. BRAVO, LINDA!!!! You are an inspiration for all of us!! You have been an inspiration to me long before this epic voyage!!!!!


  4. She does it AGAIN! So incredibly proud of you and your team. Can’t wait to see you when you come home, Linda! Way to go!!!


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