The Last Monday

Linda’s round-the-the-world journey is coming to an end. Here’s a quick message from somewhere in the North Sea, on the way from Derry-Lononderry, Northern Ireland to Denhelder, The Netherlands. The fleet is expected to arrive this Friday July 22.

One of the “leggers” had an interesting observation yesterday. He asked me if, as a round-the-worlder, if I realized that this would be the last Monday that I would be sailing the boat.

It felt very strange to be thinking of that. “Today is last Tuesday, tomorrow last Wednesday.” No more head duty and so forth as I go through jobs.

It is a beautiful day here today. Calm seas and around 10 knots. We’re actually in 1st currently and seeing if we can stay there. A few clouds and lots of sunshine.

There are lots of things I do not quite understand about ocean racing and I look forward to coming home, asking questions, and then getting back to good old lake sailing. I am wondering what life will be like without this routine.

I will do the “thoughts to ponder” later when working to catch up.

See you all soon!




Video: Yesterday on TODAY

Linda got some prime time on Prime Time this weekend on NBC’s TODAY Show.

Best quote from the video:

TODAY: In all honesty, this is a dangerous endeavor. Were there any moments when you were scared?

Linda: My mindset when I got on was ‘If something happens to me, don’t worry. I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Here I am and whatever happens is what happens.’

Check out the video and follow the fleet on the Clipper Race real-time race tracker. Continue reading