The Snozza Lives!

Linda’s ClipperTelemed+ team is leading the pack as they head south down the west coast of Mexico, past Acapulco, with Unicef in eyesight only a mile behind.

Only 1,677 miles to Panama! The days are calmer now, compared to northern Pacific last month, with more light-air downwind days and less “living on the angle.”

This week, ClipperTelemed+ got their first Scoring Gate points, a remarkable feat given they lost a few hours after the race began to repair the mast track and had to piece together their shredded spinnaker (renamed “The Snozza” after Jane Snoswell’s magician-like sewing skills).

Here’s a text I received from Linda on Monday via satellite phone:

Great day. During 2-6am watch we crossed scoring gate line second to garner two points. This was a 1st for both Telemed and skipper Matt. Our birthday present for skipper Matt. Then a beautiful sunrise with one cloud gently covering the sun and rays streaming out from under.

During the noon to 6 watch I became one of Jane’s (new crew with sail repair experience) worker bees to help finish repair on kite.

We got the top part taped to the rest then sewed the two parts together, wooled it (roll & tie the legs of kite so it will not open until fully hoisted), packed it, and it was ready for action.

Finished helming during amazing sunset. No clouds, just a golden sun filling the sky behind me and sprinkling the water with gold. Thank you God for these moments.





Clipper_2015-16_Race_Standings 2016-05-12



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