Thanks! (and double rainbows for all!)

Linda says Thanks! to everyone who donated to TEAMability on Tuesday during The Big Give S.A. 

Somewhere in the Pacific

After eight days, Team ClipperTelemed+ and the Clipper Race fleet are now 400 miles off Baja California, nearly halfway on their southerly sail from Seattle to Panama. Only 2,589 miles to go!

How was your day on Friday? I bet it was nothing like Linda’s…

Today started out a bit rainy and provided us with an amazing sight – a couple of beautiful double rainbows with one landing shimmering on the water about 10 yards from boat. Unbelievable and no camera with me.

However the next hour provided a takedown of our medium spinnaker (code 2) to check out a possible problem with port halyard. Then up with light air spinnaker (code 1, up to 20 knots). 

Mother nature was not happy with our choice as winds built too quickly, the spin exploded and with all hands on deck. We quickly retrieved the remaining bits. 

Then I went up the mast twice to bring down the top piece of spin and cut part of luff line that had wrapped around side stay and halyard. Fun!

Where’s Linda?

Check out the the Live Viewer to see the real-time status of the fleet. And play armchair-quarterback and second-guess all the tactical moves as the head south!

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