Update on what is happening now that I am home

Yes Yes Yes, I know that you are waiting for more about my Journey.  Please be patient as life has been hectic since I have been back.  Be sure to read to end and help me with future thoughts for you and to organize me!

Having trouble adjusting to all the TRAFFIC and crazy drivers and my driving.  1st day home managed to run over several curbs while making right hand turns (for you friends that drive on the wrong side of the road, this is the side we drive on…the right side of the road in the direction we are going!), couldn’t remember how the cruise control worked so kept turning it off when wanting to lower speeds (yes, I remembered to hit the brake, just when I was ready to put speed in I would manage to turn it off).

Then on the second day on the road while stopped in long line of traffic on way home, a car comes weaving down the turn lane and manages to crash into the truck immediately in front of me….yes the one right in front of me, spin them both around and then both of them crash into the car in the next lane over.  At this point I am asking what am I doing off the boat where I was much safer!  A good reminder to me though to not fiddle with radio or putting talking books in while driving.  I just sat there looking at the carnage until the horns started honking behind me to drive around and get going.  Made sure some one was out calling for help and checking on the victims and drove on.

A visit to doc to get shoulder checked and then off to Los Angeles to check out July (my niece)’s new born and then to Portland to retrieve items left there and check on best friend Ruby and then a quick drive to Seattle for dinner with Nancy, Ron, Fisher and Pam.

Portland visit is how you received blogs up to getting to London.  Have been back to work some and setting up a slide show when my computer illiterate brain went crazy.  All my pictures had disappeared and so spent some time at Microsoft Store and retrieved most of them.  Of course this was in the midst of getting a slide show ready for a presentation that happened this past Wednesday for a Welcome Home Party at TEAMability, one of the nonprofits I was raising funds for while on the journey.  Oh, of course it is still ok to donate to them…just click on DONATE link.  That would be awesome!

Now in process of having new Air Conditioning units installed in the house!  Unbelievable though as this past 2 weeks has been probably the lowest temperatures ever in AUSTIN.  Last week with all the rain it was highs of 70s.  This week in the 80s.  With new air I will be ready for the 90s and normal 100s.

Now here is what I would like to ask you!  I am working on some  presentations where I will actually have to do some talking and a Power Point and would like your help.  If you can ask me questions that you have thought of during this past year of the journey and send them as comments I would be greatly beholden to you.  I have already been receiving some from friends and supporters since I put this out on Facebook yesterday and have had some great thoughts put to me.  Can you help me also? Don’t be shy, this will also help me do some follow up blogs for everyone as I have some thoughts I will definitely be sharing in later blogs.  One is already outlined and as soon as all pictures are ready you will be enjoying some more fun moments.

I have to tell you it has been great to see old friends and surprise appearances of very special people in my life lately.  Also have had a Brad and Justine gourmet meal (yes Brad is the cook, but Justine and I were the tasters!).  Southern welcome with Chicken Fried steak, mashed potatoes (with Hatch chili gravy) and a mixture of green beans, mushrooms, and onions .  Whopee!

More to come next week to finish the race and start providing some thoughtful entertainment!

Enjoy each day!  Have  you complimented someone for something today?  If not try to, it leaves a happy feeling.


3 thoughts on “Update on what is happening now that I am home

  1. I have one question on something that was mentioned several times during the race. It appeared that a lot of the time all of the boats were close to each other yet there was a mention of being in stealth mode which I always thought was invisible so could you explain that. I admit that I have never sailed but it was just a curious thought from this old lady. 🙂


  2. I have been curious about crew/skipper turnover. I know you switched skippers mid year, and you have had crew members come and go. Have there been many that stayed onboard for the entire year like you did? Do any come back for second year?
    How costly has this year long venture been for you? Do you have an upfront payment to be a part of the sailing team? I assume you purchase all of your own weather gear, etc.
    Galley size, fresh food purchases and storage…??
    How are race locations chosen…do they change from year to year? What year did this year long race begin?
    That’s it for now…


  3. How did you prepare prior to this experience and did that help you during the year?

    What did you see during your adventure that surprised you the most? You must have seen some amazing sights – what were the most amazing? I look forward to hearing one of your presentations about your year in the race.

    Glad you are back!


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