Qingdao to Seattle

Hello all,

A quick note about the Pacific crossing then a special request.

The Pacific crossing contained everything Mother Nature could throw at us, from some sun, some hot (at the China side of the adventure), lots of COLD including rainy cold, sleeting cold, hailing cold and some snowing cold.  She also provided lots of wind to a few cases of the doldrums (no wind).  Three plus weeks of the journey were wet and cold.  It was like living in a COLD rain forest.  Many times, the condensation from inside the boat would drip down on us.  I did learn to sleep with my head under the covers during that journey.

I am going to give you just a glimpse and then my special request.

After the Lemans start we stayed within sight of boats for the first 2 weeks.  That was great fun seeing where we were and pacing ourselves against other boats.

Yes, we are in front of those guys!

Yes, we are in front of those guys!

Saw some awesome sunsets and sunrises and we believe we saw several meteorite fallings.  Whatever they were they were low  in the sky, much larger than shooting stars and MUCH brighter.

Nature saying good night

Nature saying good night

I did manage to get yet another black eye.  You will have to wait for that story.

Check out the side of my face

Check out the side of my face

And we were all excited when we heard the words land ho” and crossed the finish line.

Finish Line

Finish Line

Finished! YEA!

Finished! YEA!

And now for my special request!

Dear Friends,

Although I won’t be able to participate next week while I am racing on Clipper Telemed down the Pacific Ocean, I would love it if you could all take some time on Tuesday May 3rd to donate to one of my FAVORITE San Antonio charities, TEAMability. On May 3rd, tens of thousands are going to show their support for their favorite nonprofit during San Antonio’s Big Give.

The Big Give is 24 hours of ONLINE giving and it’s your chance to make a real difference to a charity that is dear to me.

If you believe in the worth of every child, no matter how disabled, then you will love TEAMability. And by showing your love through the Big Give S.A. you will help sustain this amazing organization, which gives hope and opportunity to the community’s most fragile children.

Every Donation you give will go a long way to helping TEAMability reach its goal of raising $5,000 in one day!

In order to reach TEAMability’s goal of $5,000, I need you to do these things:

  1. Mark Tuesday May 3rd on your calendar and add this giving link https://thebiggivesa.org/npo/teamability-inc
  2. Using your credit card, donate as little as $10 or as much as you want.
  3.  In the comment section put Linda’s Amazing Journey
  4. Spread the word! I know that each of you has at least one friend, get them to donate also! Make a difference.
  5. To make an even greater difference, donate between 10am and 10:59am Central Time on Tuesday the 3rd to help TEAMability possibly win a prize for the most unique donors during that hour. However, just take a moment anytime Tuesday and make a difference!
  6. Forward this email to your family and friends

Sailing across the Pacific this past month has been a real challenge for me though it is nothing compared to the challenges these children face daily.

Join me in supporting TEAMability on Tuesday May 3rd by donating online https://thebiggivesa.org/npo/teamability-inc

Linda and friend Sarah at TEAMability

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Linda McDavitt

You can also go to my donation page to get to their site.



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