How to Track the Clipper Race

Five days until start! Here are three ways that friends and fans can our team (ClipperTelemed+) during the Clipper Race.

Track the race live

You can access the most up to date information on the boats’ positions via the Race Viewer, which is updated every three hours  and will be active as soon as the race starts on 31 August.  During the 2013-14 race, the Race Viewer received more than a million page views.

Race Viewer goes live Aug 31, 2015

Get daily updates

The Skipper’s blog and crew blog with photos will be posted on the website daily on our ClipperTelemed+ team page. Every day each skipper and team will post their experiences,  photos and videos while racing the world’s oceans.

Create your own virtual race

In addition to tracking the fleet as they sail around the world, you create “sail” alongside the teams and test your skills in the Virtual Clipper Race Game. More than 60,000 people played the Virtual Clipper Race during the previous edition of the game, with one player making the transition from virtual sailor to real sailor and will sail the Leg 6 of the Clipper 2015-16 Race. The game will launch on August 31 –  click here to get started.

Race alongside the teams with the Virtual Race Game.


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