I am Back!

To continue the saga of the kiss with the Buoy and having to go back to port to check on status of the hit, after a few hours we went back out to the English Channel.

fixing us up so we can go back out and learn.

fixing us up so we can go back out and learn.

The weather was great, sailing was super and most were having a great day.  However the dreaded seasickness monster had come to visit the boat.  That evening part of my duty was to wash the decks after others had not made it to the edge fast enough.  All was going well and I was still enjoying the privilege of feeling great.

Well, Wednesday was my day on Mother Watch (the persons who cook the food, clean the galley (kitchen area), send up tea and biscuits and snacks all day).  All was great as I was up at 6am boiling water to make porridge, coffee and tea.  Had awakened my duty partner, Imre, and then it hit.  I was attacked by the green monster.   The next 18 hours  was getting things done, laying down and hoping all would be calm and getting back up to help.  Imre was great and a good cook as well.  I turned into an excellent dishwasher in between bouts of ill feeling. A few times we were able to get up on deck and see what was happening.  That was a true breath of fresh air.  Who would think that such a pleasant place would cause so much stress?

Nik and Tony seem to be having fun on their duty day. ? why was I not?

Nik and Tony seem to be having fun on their duty day? why was I not?

Thursday I was feeling great.  Could it have been the Mother Watch duty?  I don’t think so as only 3 of the 18 on the boat escaped the Green monster.

8 thoughts on “I am Back!

  1. Hang on and hang in there.
    Cook? What were they thinking😱
    Yes , you are good at cleaning up.

    Thank you for the interesting mail.
    If you go bye Valencia, Spain, wave to Austin Corley who is there for a Master’s Degree at Berklee Valencia.
    God Bless❤️


  2. I carry a 1 gallon zip lock plastic bag in my pocket or keep it someplace handy, even in bed. When the “green monster” hits me, I pull out the zippy bag and make myself comfortable. All deposits go into the zippy and then – zip it up! No mad dashes to the edge or making a mess when not getting there fast enough. As an added bonus, if you are on watch and you fingers are cold, the fresh zippy bag contents make a nice hand warmer. lol


  3. Think of it this way, Linda…Your Journey of a Lifetime started with a bump and an upset (stomach) as you are “learning the ropes”. I’m sure the crests far outnumber the dips…so proud of you as you feel the wind in your hair and spray on your face while racing towards the sun!


  4. The Green Monster always picks the sneakiest times to strike. It goes away and life is good again. Having it during galley duty…that’s hardball. Always suspected there was some real toughness behind that kind smile.


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