So you thought that I had disappeared

I will try to catch you up in the next few posts.  I am currently in Gosport, England hanging out as today when we started our race to France with the fleet, we had a little mishap.  I can only recount what I heard as I was not Driving or on deck.  I was at the navigation station trying to figure out how to plot a good course on this happy race.  We were actually doing quite well, 3rd to the first mark out of 12 when I noticed on the radar that we were really close to the mark, when BAM#$%^! we had hit it and done a good job of it.  It was almost like a MOB (man overboard drill) as engines turned on, everyone in safety gear up on deck, yankee and staysail down and then main down once we had looked overboard and noticed a bit of fiberglass sticking out.  Then on our way back to the marina with the other boats sailing off to France.  Now we are awaiting a patch job and then we can go back and meet up with the fleet probably sometime tomorrow on a part of the course.  That is the exciting and bad news.  The good news is that with Force 4-5 winds and being down in the boat, I did not get seasick!!!!

Yes, you will get pictures later.  and I am able to work on the blog.  It has been an amazing experience getting work shut down for me and getting my home ready for a housesitter.  Many thanks to those whose without their help I would be in deep trouble: Ruby, Cindy and Sonia, Kari, Margie, Amanda, Doug, SunHi, Brandon and friend, Carolyn, Laura and if I left someone out I apologize.  Otherwise I might have just had to sell my house, car and everything I owned like someone else on my boat had done.

5 thoughts on “So you thought that I had disappeared

  1. Good to hear from you! But you guys really had to practise this one??? I hope CV26 will be patched up and ready to race again. What’s your secret to not getting seasick? Best of luck with the rest of the week.
    ClipperTelemed+ Legs 4 & 8


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