1st Training Session


Trainings are in either the UK or Sydney Australia. I opted for the UK and so journeyed to Gosport, England for my Level 1 training.

It was quite interesting as there were 11 on our boat, 5 of who had never sailed before. From all walks of life: Medical, Financial, IT, Construction, Media, and law. From a number of countries: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Boston and of course Austin.  An amazing group of people!  What a privilege and pleasure to start the journey with them!!!

The training reminded me of Freshman Summer Band Camp. The freshman trying to figure out which foot to put forward when, the sophomores encouraging them, the Juniors helping with some hands on info and the Seniors (actually the instructors) working to mold all of us together.

I was scrambling to learn BIG boat ways and think Clipper 70 rather than J22 or SC21. So, I also had lots to learn. Impressive though was the bonding through teamwork and working together to learn to achieve a common goal. AWESOME time. Here’s a photo of our Level 1 group and as you can see all ages. Yes Lucy you were the youngest and I was the oldest.

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