Race 7, Airlie Beach to Da Nang Vietnam Part 1

Hello all,

You are correct, what am I’m thinking doing race 7 when I haven’t finished Leg 3 or Leg 4.  Well, this race turned out very special for me so wanted to share it now.

And yes, I am delinquent but if you have me on your Facebook you know that during the Da Nang stopover I flew home to attend my Aunt Katie’s memorial service.  Am now at DFW waiting for my flight to go back.  That has been interesting as after I left Da Nang, I discovered my visa was a single entry visa.  The Clipper office has been working since the 20th to get me back into the country.  My approval came in a few hours prior to leaving San Antonio today.  Without it I would still be there.

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A Day in the Life of Linda

Thought for a special treat I would just let you hang out with me for a day.

Up at 5:45 to shower (a good hot one!)!!!, eat breakfast and walk down to boat to prepare to slip lines at 7am to take boat to Sydney City Marine to pull boat for Anti-Fouling and other needed work on deck.

Pass the Sydney Opera House, under the Famous Sydney bridge that one can climb. Continue reading

Birthday in the Southern Ocean

[Here’s another update while Linda is off the grid. Don’t forget to donate!— Doug]

Happy Birthday Linda!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the day than in the Roaring Forties, filled with 300 mile days, Dolphins, Albatrosses, and steering the 70-footer to a very impressive 20.6 knots surfing through the Southern Ocean. Way to go! I’m thinking you could do without the wet and cold, though. Continue reading


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TEAMAbility – TEAMAbility ensures children in south Texas with severe multiple disabilities have the opportunity to participate actively in life by providing therapeutic educational intervention services. DONATE HERE

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“You will never conquer or master the ocean but you can endure it. If the naive thought of you beating Mother Nature enters your mind that will be your first mistake. She is an unforgiving mistress, always with one last trick up her sleeve for you when you least expect it.”