Nature and Sights as We Walked

Many Interesting things to see and do here on the Falkland Islands.  Most require the hire of a tour guide or Land Rover and take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours to get to.  I have just been enjoying walking and have done quite a bit of that.

Some of the favorites to share.

DSCF5408 (2)

Pembroke Lighthouse that is no longer working.  Built in 1854 of wood and standing 60 feet tall it was eventually replaced to stand 70 feet tall.  It operated until 1982 when it was put out of operation during the Falklands war with Argentina.  It has been replaced with a solar light beam that actually only stands around 5 feet off the ground.


Interesting on the appearance of rugged rocks and desolation but in this area we came upon a seal.

DSCF5441 (1)


At first look we thought it was dead but then….


He opened his eyes and checked us out.

A little further along we came upon a duck or a goose trying to swim against some kelp in a rough current.


He finally gave up and walked back up the rocks.  Apparently this one either doesn’t fly and or had some sort of injury as it could not take off the ground.

During our wandering this day we were fighting 40 to 60 knot winds and little rainstorms that hit us frequently.  The good news after  walking for around 4 hours, a passing Land Rover asked if we would like a ride.  YEA!

Another day we walked around the Narrows which was probably a good 4 to 5 miles but with no rain and moderate wind.  Saw lots of interesting sights on this journey.

Passed by several ship wrecks.

And then Andy decided to walk out to the Elizabeth since it was low tide and supposedly able to walk to it.


Also discovered some great wildlife.


Took me two days to discover that their feet were different colors.


A few Magellanic Penguins.  Interesting time was when they began swimming they look just like ducks swimming on the water.


A whole bunch of Magellanic Penguins we found further around the narrows.  Word is they stay bunched to keep seals and hawks from getting the babies.


You can see a bunch on this beautiful beach at Gypsy Cove.


Not sure if this is actual or a deterrent to keep us from going down to the beach where the Penguins are.

We came across this happy bunch up by the path.



Saw many holes/burrows like this as we walked.  Some were used by seals and some by penguins.


Look closely and you can see the Magellanic Penguin in this one.


While walking in some areas like this we were careful to not accidentally step in any of the holes.  At one point we had either a seal or penguin talk to us and warn us away from their hole.  We could not see exactly what kind of animal it was because of the tall grass.  Very exciting though for a few moments.

Then we ran into this Goose/Gander that literally came at us and chased off the path that they felt was sacred.  Very scary and we moved really FAST!


Still honking at us!!!


The terrain we went on was always changing and fun to work our way around.  Of course, we could have stayed on the upper path but wanted to get close to the water.

Also ran across some buzzards and birds feeding on fish heads that had been thrown off one of the fishing boats.



And then there was the interesting pattern of clouds to make us wonder what the coming weather might be.

All for now!  Have lots more pictures but not enough internet time to upload then.  Sorry!  Have fun!  Running to boat now and then fingers crossed we sail tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Nature and Sights as We Walked

  1. Beautiful surroundings…
    Love the wildlife … no, not the “wildlife” on the boat at the Baggy Wrinkles get-togethers …
    the seals, penguins, birds, etc.!!


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