Meet the Youngest Round the World Sailor and the Oldest Female Around the Worlder

Can you believe that I ended up with the youngest Round the Worlder on my boat?  Meet Alex from Barcelona.  He read about this event when he was 14 and decided that he was going to do it.  He then proceeded to get jobs to earn the money to make the journey.  So here he is today, the young man in charge of our sails, Alex.  Doing a great job also.

Together we will conquer the seas!

Together we will conquer the seas!

A glorious night out.

Enjoying the beauty of it all.

Enjoying a beautiful evening

Off to London tomorrow After practicing the parade for the London entry and exit and the start of the race.  For all my students and band director friends it reminds me of homecoming parades, Battle of the bands and the Battle of Flowers parade!  Just imagine timing everything on a sailboat!!

More to come next weekend!

7 thoughts on “Meet the Youngest Round the World Sailor and the Oldest Female Around the Worlder

  1. Binky, I am so excited to follow you on this adventure..I am one of your campers from La Jita a loooooong time ago! My sister Ann Bottenberg Schindler found your site and shared it with me and Patti Schulze. We are so excited for you and so prou d of the zillion wonderful things you have accomplished since we met so long ago! Happy sailing!


      • Well, do I embarrass you with “Binky” or do others still know that history? This is so great! I’m so glad I saw this mention on facebook. A friend from elementary – high school (and a Girl Scout with me), Robin Sedgewick, posted it to her daughter’s site, asking if she knew about it. Her daughter, Shea Ingram was in the band at MacArthur. I saw the posting, and was so happy to be able to follow up! Julia and I will be following along as you take this exciting journey. I’ve started reading your posts to my folks, so they can follow as well. My dad remembers you well, and is so interested in all the details of the race. It is so amazing all the wonderful things you have accomplished, and it will be such fun to experience, even from afar, this next adventure. Hoping for smooth sailing, and no (more) seasickness! May God bless you and all the crew with a fantastic voyage!


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